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Authors bring books to life! Most children's authors do professional school visits. Every year, schools around the world invite authors (and illustrators) into their libraries and classrooms to present special literacy programs. For the kids, these powerful book-based events can foster a greater love of reading and a deeper understanding of the writing process.

Authors for Earth Day (A4ED) is a grassroots coalition of award-winning children's authors and illustrators who directly mentor young readers by giving them "an authentic research project with real-world impact."

NOW A YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM. Each participant does one school visit a year with a unique twist: the author donates at least 30% of that day's speaking fee to a non-profit conservation organization as directed by a student vote. Students research a list of five conservations nominees selected by their author and then vote for their favorite—the author writes a check to the winning organization. Our mission? To empower young readers to shape the world around them!

Read about us in School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and Children's Book Council News. Remember, you now may choose any date of the year that works.

Our events have already given voice to tens of thousands of students from New York to California, plus Canada, Australia and Israel! And now there are over 100 authors & illustrators in all genres of children's literature ready and willing to schedule A4ED visits.

Is your school interested? Find out how to host an A4ED author visit. We even have funding suggestions. And our tips and tools will help ensure a memorable experience for your entire staff and student body!

READ OUR BLOG. You won't want to overlook our A4ED Blog, where a slew of award-winning and best-selling contributors share unique personal insight into their writing with some valuable thoughts about living a little "greener." It's a friendly place for readers to meet some of their favorite authors year round. Contributors include Jeff Kinney, Sara Pennypacker and Jack Gantos! Talk about an excellent resource for educators!

Want to participate as an author or illustrator? We are always looking for creative people who share our goals. If you are traditionally published and do professional school visits, we would LOVE to have you join us!

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