some important basics

We are a coalition. There is no fee to join or participate, and we are powered by unpaid volunteers. All speaking fees, travel expenses and charitable contributions are handled independently by the authors & illustrators. We simply share this international web-based platform to promote our special school visits celebrate our joint efforts and achievements. (And to connect with readers through our A4ED blog.)

We encourage you to take a peek at the successes of our participants, and then browse our wonderful list of Available Authors & Illustrators. Everyone on the available list is traditionally published and a professional speaker in schools. Their home state is included next to their name.

Do it for the kids! Once you find out how it works, you will see that an A4ED author visit makes a powerful educational impact:

  • A4ED allows young readers to direct a substantial contribution to conservation based on democratic principles.
  • A4ED gives authors & illustrators a chance to model community leadership while inspiring children toward higher levels of reading and writing.
  • A4ED offers classrooms the opportunity to discuss the natural world and the importance of protecting resources to ensure a sustainable future.
  • A4ED helps teachers meet critical standards of education in a fresh, engaging manner.

A4ED doesn't touch a dime. There is no exchange of monies through Authors for Earth Day. The school pays the author, and the author makes the donation. This allows the school to fund the visit through their normal process, and gives the author the tax deduction—a small but helpful benefit for their generosity.

Going full circle. Along with the donation, the author sends a letter to the conservation organization, explaining the A4ED voting process—especially the fact that the kids CHOSE their group above others—something most charities find delightful! Because we open the door for them to directly connect with these young supporters, they often send a thank you back to the school. In this way the kids receive outside recognition for their efforts.

more details:

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