Andrew Clements

award-winning author

West Baldwin, ME USA

andrew clements

These days, Andrew Clements doesn't do many school visits—as a best-selling author with over 75 titles to his credit, his writing schedule keeps him close to home. But wanting "to support this good idea," Andrew coordinated a special author event just to participate in Authors for Earth Day, as what he calls "an A4ED ambassador."

Year(s) of participation: 2017

A4ED school visit photos & blurbs:

2017 at SACOPEE VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL in South Hiram, Maine USA


I opened my visit with the great 5th graders at Sacopee Valley Middle School by asking how many kids had been swimming in one of the many lakes here in Maine—and every hand went up! They were so glad to learn a little about the Lakes Environmental Association and all the great work the people there do to teach people about ways to help keep our lakes clean and beautiful.