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We care about kids and nature—and the future of both. Are you traditionally published? Do you do professional school visits? If yes, we invite you to be part of the Authors for Earth Day coalition. Our participants make a difference in the world and have fun doing it!

Participation is easy-peazy. Just turn ONE school visit a year into an A4ED event—charge your standard speaking fee and do your regular literacy presentations—then donate 30-100% of that day's fee to a conservation organization as determined by a vote of the students. Most kids have never had a voice in the world, so it's quite amazing to empower a whole school in this special way!

We'll email you updates and resources to ensure a successful event and the teachers can manage the vote on the day of your visit. See 7 Steps to Success for more details.

YOU pick the nominees. As the author, you get to choose the "nominees", five 501(c)(3) not-for-profit conservation organizations. The students will research all five before they determine the donation recipient. Pick charities close to your heart! We provide a Nominees Template with a list of (optional) conservation organizations, as well as a Voting Form Template.

Just like a regular school visit, you are responsible for scheduling and coordinating your event and deciding the content of your presentation(s). There is no exchange of monies through Authors for Earth Day. You are paid by the school and handle your own charitable contribution.

So many rewards. Let us know as soon as you confirm your A4ED event! We will build you a beautiful Participant Page to promote your books and school visits with links, photos and book covers. You get to connect with like-minded colleagues and enthusiastic students. And take a tax write-off for your donation. Not to mention media coverage. Yes, many of our authors have television, radio or newspaper journalists at their A4ED events.

Get your green on! Edit/send this A4ED Sample Information Letter to any school contacts you already have—it briefly explains the program and encourages interested schools to contact you for more details. With budgets limited these days, we also suggest you to send our link for finding author visit funding.

We'd be happy to add you to our Available Authors & Illustrators page. This list allows interested schools to email authors directly if they are considering an event.

Simply email us...
Up to THREE BOOK (or SERIES) TITLES (+ traditional publisher name for each)

Any questions? We're always here to help!

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