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HOW OUR STORIES CAN SAVE THE WORLD (or “The Chicken Sees”) by multi-award-winning children’s author Todd Mitchell

We are creatures of narrative. A string of facts and figures [will not] displace a persuasive story. The only thing that will replace a story is a story. —George Monbiot Seven years ago, I watched the foothills near my house … Continue reading

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LIFE ON THE MOUNTAIN by middle-grade and YA novelist (and frontierswoman) Shelley Sackier

I live on top of a mountain all by myself. Okay, that’s a lie. Actually, I live on top of a mountain with a huge hairy dog named Haggis, a pack of kittens who insist the only warm place to … Continue reading

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THE CONCLUSION OF AUTHORS FOR EARTH DAY by A4ED founder and director, Brooke Bessesen.

Some years back, I wrote an essay for The A4ED Blog entitled The Creation of Authors for Earth Day. Now, as you might guess from the title of this new essay, our program is coming to a close. After a … Continue reading

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WALKING FOR WATER by award-winning (and thought-provoking) children’s author Nancy Bo Flood

How far do you walk when you need a drink of water? Or when you want to take a shower, brush your teeth, wash your face? For most of us, we only need to walk to the bathroom. What if … Continue reading

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SCIENCE MYSTERIES MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND by someone who writes about them: nonfiction author Amy S. Hansen

Fortunately, there are a lot of things I do not know. This is good because my job is to find local mysteries. Mysteries are everywhere and many can be discovered just by asking the right questions. One fall when my … Continue reading

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National Geographic KIDS Author Mary Quattlebaum reminds us to cherish our animal family

I grew up in a big family—three brothers and three sisters. But I’m also part of an even larger family—the family of animals. And so are you.  So are all humans. Honeybee, lion, turtle, robin, guppy.  We’re all connected.  And … Continue reading

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Authors for Earth Day celebrates its 10th Annual Season, surpassing $100,000 in total combined contributions!

A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started… the fate of humanity is in his hands. ― Abraham Lincoln A sustainable future requires that we educate and empower our children. Since 2010, Authors … Continue reading

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Best-selling picture book author-illustrator Susan Stockdale continues to be inspired by Nature

I grew up climbing trees, running in the grass and riding my bike in sunny Miami, Florida. I marveled at pelicans that flew overhead and held lizards, rubbing their bellies to lull them to sleep. And I was surrounded by … Continue reading

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Best-selling YA author Liz Braswell cherishes the tiny life found on her Brooklyn balcony

Mountains. Oceans. Deserts. Jungles. When you think of nature or the environment, I’ll bet you’re probably thinking of some of these things.  Glorious, awe-inspiring biomes full of exotic life and giant trees, fish, dunes, or snow. I’m a nature fanatic, … Continue reading

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Acclaimed children’s Poet Ted Scheu is Worried and Angry. And a little Green and Blue.

I’m Worried and Angry. Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Yes, that’s my new name. Worried and Angry. I’m worried and angry for my grandson. For us. For the earth. And I am not sleeping very well these days—especially … Continue reading

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