Authors for Earth Day celebrates its 10th Annual Season, surpassing $100,000 in total combined contributions!

A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started… the fate of humanity is in his hands. ― Abraham Lincoln

A sustainable future requires that we educate and empower our children. Since 2010, Authors for Earth Day has supported 173 conservation-focused school visits in 30 states and four countries. Our esteemed kid-lit authors have influenced the social, political and environmental decisions of tomorrow. Just think, most of the students mentored at our first school visits are now in college!

Today, as we conclude our 10th Annual A4ED Season, we are excited to share the achievements of Team ’19 and offer a full tally from our decade-long program.

First and foremost, KUDOS to these eighteen authors, who donated $15,550 in 2019 as directed by student votes at twenty-one A4ED school visits: Stuart Gibbs, Kate McMullan, Alex Gino, Jennifer Ward, Patricia Newman, Dan Gutman, Nancy Castaldo, Debbie Dadey, Jennifer Swanson, Jeanie Franz Ransom, Michelle Worthington, Leslie Bulion, Barb Rosenstock, Lori Degman, Linda Crotta Brennan, Barbara Gowan, Ted Scheu, and Brooke Bessesen.

Their charitable contributions funded seventeen environmental organizations: Algalita, Coalition for the Protection of the Sonoran Desert, Elephant Voices, Endangered Wolf Center, Forest Preserves of DuPage County, Greenpeace, Humane Society of the United States, Ocean Conservancy, Pesca ABC, The Raptor Trust, Redlands Wildlife Rescue, Wild Bird Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants, Wolf Conservation Center, Shellmound Defense Fund, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and The Turtle Hospital.

When we combine this year’s totals with previous years, the results are even more extraordinary. Thanks to the efforts of ALL of our award-winning authors:

  • A4ED contributions have reached a grand total of $108,644!
  • An estimated 83,000 students in Australia, Canada, Israel, and the United States have had opportunity to learn about key conservation initiatives.
  • More than 100 organizations worldwide have received financial support.

It’s been a privilege to promote the work of our 73 participants. Each has played a key role in our success. May their generous leadership in youth education and charitable giving continue to inspire others to celebrate Earth Day—every day.

Next spring marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. We have come a long way since environmental advocates first marched on the steps of Washington D.C. in 1970. Yet, with plastic pollution spoiling our seas, animal species suffering an unprecedented rate of extinction and an ever-growing human population, we still have plenty of work ahead.

So, from now until April 22, 2020 (and beyond), let’s commit to making choices that support a sustainable future. Whether we buy local organic food and energy efficient appliances, carry fabric groceries bags, practice a strict no-straw policy, telecommute, upcycle, or live as a vegetarian or vegan, every effort counts.

Wishing you clean air, wild blue oceans, lush landscapes brimming with life, and a happy humble existence.
Brooke Bessesen, A4ED Executive Director

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