Celebrating Team ’14 and… YEAR-ROUND A4ED participation!

Last month, Suzy Kline, Barb Rosenstock, Kate, Klise, Suzanne Slade, Jody Feldman, Dan Gutman, Debbie Dadey, Kim Norman, Elissa Brent Weissman, Nancy Viau, Kristin O’Donnell Tubb, Kim Norman, Lori Degman, Darcy Pattison, Patricia Newman and Brooke Bessesen did special school visits across the United States. Miri Leshem-Pelly participated in Israel and Michelle Worthington did her third annual visit in Australia. CONGRATULATIONS to all!

Together we gave the power of voice to thousands of young readers, allowing them to direct $8000 in donations—which brings our total A4ED contributions very near $33,000!

Through our students’ votes, 20 fantastic organizations were funded in 2014: Greenpeace, Sierra Club, The Gorilla Foundation, Conservation International, Defenders of Wildlife, Queens County Farm, Hug-it-Forward, Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, National Wildlife Federation, Whale & Dolphin Conservatory, Wildlife Center of Virginia, Elephant Sanctuary, Save the Bilby, Friends of the Smokies, Animal Rights Anonymous, Wildlife Conservation Society, Pets Without Partners, Pantera and Ocean Conservancy.

And we’re already set to start again…

YES, MORE BIG NEWS: Authors for Earth Day is going YEAR-ROUND!

Authors can now schedule their A4ED school visit any day of the year. We are excited to offer more flexibility, to make participation easier, opening the door for our whole coalition of 100+ available authors & illustrators to join the effort.

We are serious about reaching more students in the coming year and we need your help—please share the link to our A4ED website with all the librarians/teachers you know. Encourage them to host an A4ED event and help us help kids help the world.

Brooke Bessesen, A4ED Director

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