Meet our Participants

what a dynamic and talented team

A4ED is proud of and grateful for its growing list of eco-minded pioneers! Click any author's name below to see their Participant Page, which has details about their individual event(s), books and school presentations, plus photos, videos and a direct link to their website.

Dan Gutman
Brooke Bessesen
Bruce Hale
Debbie Dadey
Nancy Castaldo
Barbara Gowan
Yolanda Ridge
Kate Klise
Kristin Tubb
Suzanne Slade
Amy VanDerwater
Peter Lourie
Jeramey Kraatz
Lili DeBarbieri
Deborah Lee Rose
Jeff Kinney
Lissa Price
Ted Scheu

Suzy Kline
Marianne Berkes
Conrad Storad
Barb Rosenstock
Darcy Pattison
Michelle Worthington
Leslie Helakoski
Elissa Brent Weissman
Linda Boyden
Sandy Asher
Miranda Paul
Jeanie Ransom
David Lubar
JoAnn Early Macken
Wendy Mass
Heather Alexander
Lisa Kahn Schnell
Tui T. Sutherland

Stephen Swinburne
Jennifer Ward
Molly Idle
Alison Formento
Patricia Newman
Linda Brennan
Edith Hope Fine
Lori Degman
Jody Feldman
Polly Holyoke
Jennifer Swanson
Peter Catalanotto
Kate McMullan
Rebecca Stead
Andrew Clements
Eliot Schrefer
Marty Kelley
Rachelle Burk

April Sayre
Mike Graf
Andrea Alban
Edie Hemingway
Roxie Munro
Nancy Viau
Miri Leshem-Pelly
Kim Norman
Alyssa Capucilli
Deborah Heiligman
Terri Farley
Linda Bozzo
Stuart Gibbs
Ken Keffer
Sarah Mlynowski
Loree Griffin Burns
Katherine Roy

If you are looking to schedule an author visit, we invite you to browse our full list of Available Authors & Illustrators.

Words from our wordsmiths. In addition to doing A4ED school visits, several of our authors have written insightful posts on our A4ED blog. You will definitely want to read them!