Peter Lourie

award-winning author

Middlebury, VT USA

peter lourie

SCHOOL VISITS: K - 8 (strength 3-8)
Peter takes students on adventures around the world and shows them the passion that lies at the heart of travel and writing. In his lively multimedia presentation he takes children into jungles to look for Inca treasure, into the Arctic world of Eskimos and polar bears, out to prehistoric excavations in East Africa. Adventure Assembly helps children understand the process of a writer - researching topics, collecting journals, and perfecting the writer's craft. Follow-up writing workshops and residencies are available.

Year(s) of participation: 2016, 2017

A4ED school visit photos & blurbs:

2017 at Meadow Pond Elementary School in South Salem, NY USA

2016 at Altamont Elementary School in Albany, NY


peter lourie - kids

Participating in Authors for Earth Day this week in Altamont Elementary School in New York State was definitely one of the best school visits of the year. The librarian Anne Johnson and the teachers did a fantastic job preparing the students for the vote in cardboard voting booths using SurveyMonkey on iPads on the day of my visit. No "hanging chads" in this school! The winner, Defenders of Wildlife, will be getting a check from me for $1,000. I've never seen so many kids so eager to help the planet. Really exciting way to do something that matters to all of us.

peter lourie - kids vote
                         peter lourie with librarian