A4ED Authors Give Green

100+ funded organizations

Our donation-recipient list grows year by year as more organizations around the globe benefit from the generous author contibutions and well-researched student votes that make our Authors for Earth Day school visits so very special.

African Wildlife Foundation

Anonymous for Animal Rights
Ape Action Africa
Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society
Assateague Coastal Trust
Audubon Arkansas
Audubon Society of Rhode Island
Australia Koala Foundation
Australian Marine Conservation Society
Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
Blue Ocean Institute
Blue Water Baltimore
Brookside Gardens
Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
Camp Augustine
Clearwater Environmental Organization
Coalition for Protection of Sonoran Desert
Conservation International
Coral Reef Alliance

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Defenders of Wildlife
Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Elephant Voices
Endangered Wolf Center
Florida Wildlife Corridor

Friends of Horicon Marsh
Friends of the Osa
Friends of the Smokies
Forest Preserves of DuPage County
Gorilla Foundation
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
Honeybee Conservancy
Hug It Forward
Humane Society of NY
Humane Society of SW Missouri
Humane Society of the United States
Humane Society, Scotland County
Idea Wild
Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network
Lake County Forest Preserves
Lakes Environmental Association
LaMancha Animal Rescue
Liberty Wildlife
Maine Audubon
Marine Mammal Center
Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Messinger Woods
Mobile Baykeeper
National Audubon Society
National Park Foundation

National Wildlife Federation
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature and Culture International
Nature Conservancy
Ocean Conservancy
Pandas International
Pesca ABC
Pet Pantry of Lancaster County
Pets Without Partners
Plastic Pollution Coalition
Phoenix Herpetological Society
Phoenix Zoo Conservation Fund
Pine Jog Environmental Center
Queens County Farm
Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Conservation Fund
Rainforest Trust
Raptor Trust
Redlands Wildlife Rescue
Rhode Island Audubon
Rutgers Marine Institute
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy
Save America's Forests
Save the Bilby
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Sea Shepard
Shellmound Defense Fund
Sierra Club
Smithsonian Zoo/Conservation Bio. Inst.
Southwest Monarch Study
Southwest Wildlife
Surfrider Foundation
Tifft Nature Preserve
Turtle Hospital
Viva Vaquita
Watershed Nature Center
Whale & Dolphin Conservation
Wild at Heart
Wild Bird Fund
Wildcare Inc.
Wilderness Haven
Wildlands Conservancy
Wildlife Center of Virginia
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wisconsin Humane Society
Wolf Conservation Center
Wolf Santuary of PA
World Wildlife Fund