Do it for the kids!

Your A4ED author visit makes a powerful educational impact:

  • A4ED allows young readers to direct a substantial contribution to conservation, based on democratic principles.
  • A4ED gives authors and illustrators a chance to model community leadership while inspiring children toward higher levels of reading and writing.
  • A4ED offers classrooms the opportunity to discuss the natural world and the importance of protecting resources to ensure a sustainable future.
  • A4ED helps teachers meet critical standards of education in a fresh, engaging manner.

How it Works

together, we plant seeds for tomorrow

Are you traditionally published? Do you do professional school visits?

If yes, we invite you to be part of the Authors for Earth Day coalition. Connect with like-minded colleagues and enthusiastic students, make a difference in the world and HAVE FUN doing it!

Simply turn ONE school visit this year into an A4ED event—charge your standard speaking fee and do your normal presentations—then donate 50-100% of your speaking fee to a conservation organization as determined by a vote of the students.

Pick charities close to your heart! As a participant, you choose you own FIVE "nominees," the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit conservation organizations the students will research before your visit. Based on knowledge gained, they will vote for the donation recipient.

We'll email you resources and reminders to ensure a successful event, and the teachers can manage the vote on the day of your visit. See 7 Steps to Success for details of the process.

We keep it easy by providing a Nominees Template with a list of optional conservation organizations, as well as a Voting Form Template.

Just like a regular school visit, you are responsible for scheduling and coordinating your event and deciding the content of your presentation(s). There is no exchange of monies through Authors for Earth Day—you are paid by the school and handle your own charitable contribution. And you take the tax write-off for your donation.

As soon as you schedule your A4ED event, email us...
• Date of your A4ED school visit:
• School Name:
• School City/State:
• Grades you will be visiting:

We will build a beautiful Participant Page to promote your books and school visits with links, photos, and book covers. Many authors also receive media coverage for their A4ED events.

Looking for a host school? Feel free to edit our A4ED Sample Information Letter and send it to any school contacts you already have—it briefly explains the program and will surely spark some interest.