WEREWOLVES AND WATER by best-selling children’s author Debbie Dadey

debbie-blogI have helped write books about werewolves, vampires, and even zombies. For each of these I’ve read legends and myths to learn what people from long ago believed about these creatures. Did you know that someone once thought if you drank muddy water from a wolf’s paw print when there is a full moon you will turn into a werewolf?

For my newest series, Mermaid Tales, I have learned some mermaid myths.  For instance, some mermaids could see the future and some lured sailors into dangerous waters. But I’ve also studied about all kinds of interesting sea creatures. Do you know which dolphin is the largest? The largest mammal? The largest fish? I do and if you read to the end of this I’ll share my answers with you.

And where do mermaids and dolphins live? In the ocean, of course. Did you know that even though most of our earth is covered by the ocean there are 750 million people who suffer from lack of water? Humans can’t drink the salty water from the ocean and only one percent of all the water on our planet is fit for us to drink. So, of course, it is very important to take care of the water we have. I was surprised by two ways we can help keep our water clean—limit or don’t use antibacterial soaps and never flush medicine down the toilet. To help others learn about protecting our water, you can celebrate World Water Day each March, Earth Day in April and World Oceans Day in June.

crook and crownDid you guess which is the largest dolphin? It’s a killer whale, or orca. The largest mammal? A blue whale. How about the largest fish? It’s a whale shark. A recent Mermaid Tale book, “The Crook and The Crown,” has sixteen killer whales and a mystery.

Debbie Dadey has authored or co-authored nearly 200 books with international sales reaching over 42 million copies! Among her single titles, she has three very popular series: Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, Keyholders and Mermaid Tales. Debbie was one of the very first authors to participate in Authors for Earth Day. Explore her world at www.debbiedadey.com.



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