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Authors for Earth Day participants funded conservation organizations as directed by student votes at their hosting schools.

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100+ deserving conservation organizations have been supported through our A4ED events

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Authors bring books to life! Most children's authors do professional school visits. Every year, schools around the world invite authors (and illustrators) into their libraries and classrooms to present special literacy programs. For the kids, these powerful book-based events can foster a greater love of reading and a deeper understanding of the writing process.

Authors for Earth Day (A4ED) is a grassroots coalition of award-winning children's authors and illustrators who directly mentor young readers by giving them "an authentic research project with real-world impact." From 2010 to 2019, our events have gave voice to tens of thousands of students in the United States, from New York to California. And in Canada, Australia, and Israel, too.

With 73 authors & illustrators in all genres of children's literature, each participant did one school visit a year with a unique twist: The author donated at least 50% of that day's speaking fee to a non-profit conservation organization as directed by a student vote. Students researched five conservations nominees selected by their author and then voted for their favorite—the author wrote a check to the winning organization.

Our mission? To empower young readers to shape the world around them. See us in School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Children's Book Council News.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The A4ED Blog will not go away. From 2011-2020, 94 award-winning and best-selling authors the likes of Jeff Kinney, Sara Pennypacker and Jack Gantos, contributed monthly posts with insights into their writing and valuable thoughts about living a little "greener." This extraordinary cache of ideas—111 original essays in total—offers a friendly way for readers to meet their favorite authors and will continue to serve as a timeless resource for educators worldwide. Check out the A4ED Blog for yourself!

Authors for Earth Day officially concluded on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020. The pages on this website have been left up (unedited) for you to browse and appreciate the generous efforts of our A4ED team. We hope you will be inspired to carry forward the torch of environmental education. We want our children to inherit every gift of creation. A land that is lush, a sea that is wild. Clean air and fresh water. Elephants, honey bees, penguins, valquitas. How else can we succeed expect by protecting those creations.