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The Black Regiment of the American Revolution
Taxes (Simple Economics
Women of the Praire State
Women of the Empire State
The Birth of the United States
North Carolina
Marshmallow Kisses


Linda Crotta Brennan

award-winning author

Coventry, RI USA

linda brennan

Linda loves to talk to students about all kinds of writing in her multi-media presentations. For her workshop, "Stories to Go," she helps students brainstorm a story with her box full of stuff and nonsense. In "Iced Frogs and Slime" she shares her adventures in nonfiction writing. And in "Faces of the Black Regiment," she discusses the author and illustrator's process in creating this look at the African and Native American contribution to the Revolutionary War.

Year(s) of participation: 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

A4ED school visit photos & blurbs:

2018 at PROVIDENCE ATHENAEUM in Providence, Rhode Island, USA

2017 at JOHN F. HORGAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA


linda at the screen

I had a spectacular Author for Earth Day visit with Mrs. Winslow and Mrs. Longo's second graders at Horgan Elementary School in West Warwick, RI. The students carefully considered the five organizations that I had suggested for my donation. On the day of my visit, they voted for the Nature Conservancy as the recipient of our gift.

We also discussed creating Earth Day stories about a character who has an environmental problem they need to solve. I left templates for creating Earth Day stories with their teachers. The students were engaged and attentive and asked marvelous questions about writing both fiction and nonfiction. They will surely be among our future writers and environmentalists.

2016 at JOHNSON AND WALES UNIVERSITY in Providence, Rhode Island USA


linda at the screen

As my Author for Earth Day event, I took part in a "Caring for the Environment Panel" at Johnson & Wales University. Student Natasha Martinez moderated the panel, which began with my power point presentation on the history of Earth Day, WHEN RIVERS BURNED: THE EARTH DAY STORY. Then Diana Brennan, environmental scientist and photographer, and my daughter, took the floor. Johnson & Wales student Ruth Solomon also took part, talking about the student environmental organization, SASS (Student Activists Supporting Sustainability), and its impact on campus.

linda brennan

A diverse group of students (including one from Nepal) and faculty joined in the discussion, asking challenging questions (Is there a link between racism and the environment? What can we do about all the trash on Mount Everest?) and seeking new avenues for moving forward in caring for our world. (We need to go beyond education and information and encourage people to experience the environment!)

In the spirit of thinking globally and acting locally, the group voted to donate my speaking fee to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

2015 at Paine School in Foster, Rhode Island USA



I had a great time with the fifth graders at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary, talking about When Rivers Burned: The Earth Day Story. We discussed the conditions that led to the first Earth Day: Birds dying from DDT, smog that sickened thousands, oil spills, and burning rivers. Then we talked about the efforts of two men, Senator Gaylord Nelson and college student Denis Hayes, to create the first Earth Day and what a difference that made. Finally, the students shared what they will be doing to celebrate Earth Day this year. Many of them were cleaning up trash. Once student talked about her and her mother's efforts to lobby the statehouse on behalf of environmental issues.

The students were a rapt audience and asked very thoughtful questions.

After much research and deliberation, they chose the Ocean Conservancy as the recipient of my donation. Attached is a photo that their teacher, Laurie Murphy, took of my visit. As always, it's a joy to take part in the Authors for Earth Day program!

2013 at Myron J. Francis Elementary School in Rumford, Rhode Island USA


The students at Myron J. Francis Elementary school were enthusiastic participants in my program. After much research and discussion, they decided to donate my fee to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, where it will be used to protect the state's wilderness areas, provide environmental education, and provide a voice for ecology in the state house.

With a group of parents and students, we talked about how pollution threatened our environment before the first Earth Day. How Senator Gaylord Nelson came up with the idea for an "environmental teach-in," and how he asked a college student named Denis Hayes to run it. Then we discussed how the first Earth Day was the largest demonstration in American history, and how it gave birth to the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and much more. By participating in the Authors for Earth Day program, the students were continuing the important fight to protect our environment.