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Loree Griffin Burns

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I'm passionate about science and how its methods can be used to help humans understand the outrageously beautiful and wildly complex planet we call home. My classroom programs are built around the topics I've written about and my goal is to inspire students to ask questions, chase answers, and see themselves as scientists.

Year(s) of participation: 2018

A4ED school visit photos & blurbs:

Loree Griffin Burns
Loree Griffin Burns
Loree Griffin Burns


Oxford Elementary School in Oxford, Maine


What an Earth Day celebration! The fifth graders at Oxford Elementary School in Oxford, Maine, and their teachers spent weeks researching the three non-profit organizations I'd chosen as potential recipients of my A4ED donation. They wrote persuasive letters detailing their favorite, and their reasons for supporting it. They created posters and other materials to educate the students in their K-6 school, and they made sure that there were posters that would connect with even their youngest classmates. They crafted live presentations and spent a day sharing them with their entire learning community. I watched all this from afar and knew I was lucky to have connected with these students.

On May 21, I was finally able to meet those fifth graders in their classroom, sharing stories and images from my latest children's book. Over the course of the next two days, I spoke with all their classmates, too. At the end of each presentation, fifth grade volunteers joined me to remind students about the A4ED initiative, about the good work of Maine Audubon, Ocean Conservancy, and Xerces Society, and to distribute ballots. At the end of the school day on May 22, we tallied all the votes and announced the winner of our $1000 A4ED donation: Maine Audubon.

In the middle of my time at OES, the entire school community--students, teachers, administrators, friends, and families--spent an evening at a nearby farm preserve, observing the local flora and fauna. We caught insects, ID'd trees, wrote poems, and captured all the big moments in our notebooks. That night left me thrilled to know this donation will stay in the state of Maine, where I have seen for myself that students are passionate about their environment, and about the creatures that are living and growing in it, right alongside them.

As if all this was not enough to make my first Authors for Earth Day visit a huge success, The Nature Generation, an organization dedicated to supporting a stewardship ethic in our youth, donated twenty copies of my Green Earth Book Award-winning title, Citizen Scientists, to the school. I hope these books continue to inspire OES students to explore the place where they live.

Thank you, Authors for Earth Day. Thank you, The Nature Generation. Thank you, Maine Audubon! (Ahem, a check will be on the way to you soon!) And thank YOU, Oxford Elementary School. I'm so glad to have had this adventure with you.

(photos Melissa Guerrette)