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Nancy Viau


Mullica Hill, NJ

nancy viau

Nancy is a former teacher who knows how to connect with kids. Whether leading interactive writing activities in the classroom or speaking to large groups, she shares her journey to publication and educates students about the writing process using a ton of energy sprinkled with humor and enthusiasm. Young audience members bring her picture books to life through sounds, songs, and cheers, while older ones participate in the editorial and revision process through short writing activities. Her goal is to create enough of a ruckus to inspire students to write.

Year(s) of participation: 2014

A4ED school visit photos & blurbs:

2014 at Applegarth Elementary in Monroe Township, NJ


nancy viau a4ed visit

Prior to my visit, the school librarian created PowerPoint presentations to show the students similarities and differences between the five non-profit organizations I suggested. The kids contributed by first doing a ton of research on each one—a great learning experience. They then made posters supporting the organization of their choice, and those posters were really beautiful! The librarian and the students really went all out!

The kids got super-excited when the winner was announced and

nancy with kids

were very pleased they could be a part of helping the animals who inhabit our lovely planet.

nancy viau event poster

Based on their votes, my donation will support The National Wildlife Federation. Can't wait until next year!