Let's celebrate STEM through books and nature!

Our gifts go full circle.


  • Confirm an event date with your favorite A4ED author/illustrator. The only cost to the school is the presenter's regular school-visit speaking fee.
  • Encourage your students to research the five 501(c)(3), not-for-profit conservation organization "nominees" selected by your author/illustrator. These will be sent to you ahead of time, along with other preparation materials and resources.
  • On the day of the visit, hold a raise of hands vote. At least 50% of the author/illustrator's fee is donated to the organization that wins the popular vote of the student body. Presenters typically do their standard school-visit programs.
  • Pay the author/illustrator in the traditional way. They will send the donation to the winning conservation organization in honor of your school. More often than not, the organization sends a thank you back to the school for their young supporters.

Authors are great allies when it comes to getting kids excited about reading. And we want your kids to get as much out of the Authors for Earth Day experience as possible.

The bigger the event, the bigger the rewards! The author presents the programs, motivates the kids and usually signs a lot of books. Your highly important job is the preparations. Keep your A4ED event on track with Seven Steps to Success. And be sure to Make it Memorable.

Meet our amazing PARTICIPANTS, over 70 award-winning and best-selling children's authors and illustrators!

By empowering kids to shape their future, we shape our own.

NOTE: There is no exchange of monies through Authors for Earth Day. The school pays the author, and the author makes the donation. This allows the school to fund the visit through their normal process, and gives the author the tax deduction—a small but helpful benefit for their generosity. All speaking fees, travel expenses and charitable contributions are handled independently by our participants, and Authors for Earth Day assumes no liability for any financial transactions or contractual discrepancies.